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Friday January 24th 2014

God is still in charge
Memorise:  And he is before all things, and by him all things consist. Colossians 1:17
God is at the core of the creation of heaven and Earth. Without him, there could never been anything. The opening verse of Genesis 1 reveal the activities of God in making creation suitable for man’s habitation. Unlike many ancient and modern writers who assume what they do not know about creation, Moses, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit began his account of creation in Genesis with conviction and plain claims.  By revelation, he knew God was behind creation and he stated it plainly as that. This kind of accurate knowledge that takes a writer back to several years before his time could only come by revelation. Some years before his time could only come by revelation. Some theologians say that the earth had been in that disorderly state for several millions and billions of years and scientists also claim that archaeological discoveries reveal prehistoric matters that had existed before man was created to exercise dominion over creation. Whatever it was, the point is that with God, there can be a new beginning no matter how far back the record of disorderliness and darkness in anybody’s life may go. The most important period in your life begins when God gives you a new beginning. The wastage of the past; the crisis of the past and the darkness of the past will give way for a new beginning when God commands a new sunrise in your life. I decree on behalf of my Daddy in heaven, that every disorderliness and darkness in your life will give way in Jesus’ Name.
Before God commanded the light to be, the Bible says the earth was void and without form, and darkness reigned over creation. This state was totally against what God had in mind for creation. This state was totally against what God had in mind for creating the heavens and the earth, but this problem was not beyond redemption. We must let this fact sink into our mind: that God is still in charge of His universe. The Lord can redesign your life which the enemy may have battered. Your achievements may be nothing to compare with that God had in mind about you from the beginning and darkness may be reigning supreme in your life instead of light. God will give you a new beginning because He control over the entire creation. He is completely in charge. Several years ago, one of my children went to America to study. There was a change in government and the new government refused to continue with his scholarship. Things got so bad for him and his family that there was no food in the house, but God Almighty who will always be in charge sent some Americans who were going on house-to-house evangelism to them. On realizing that this couple and their set of twins were starving, they did not only provide food but also a job for his wife. Today, the family has at least two houses that I know about in America. This season shall mark the beginning of new things in your life in Jesus’ Name.   
Prayer point

Father, speak your creative works into my life and turn it around for good in Jesus Name.

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