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Monday January 13th 2014

God has a substitute
Memorise: And Samuel said unto him, The Lord hath rent the Kingdom of Israel from thee this day, and hath given it to a neighbour of thine, that is better than thou. 1 Samuel 15:28
One important thing we need to learn in today’s reading is that God always has a substitute. If God says He wants to use you, rejoice! However, be careful, because a substitute.  1 Samuel 2:27-30 tells us about Eli. God chose Eli and his family to serve Him. God who honour him. One thing about God’s rejection is that the devil takes the place of the resultant vacuum that is created. This was of Judas Iscariot in John 13:26-27. He was a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. The movement of God rejected him, Satan entered him and he ended up hanging himself. Psalm 75;6-7 tells us something intresting:
“for  promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another.”
Whenever God gives you an opportunity to serve Him, please humble yourself. It is better for God not to use you at all than to use you and then push you aside. Once He pushes you aside, this gives room for the devil to come in. I pray that God will never substitute you with some else.
In today’s reading we see the rejection of King Saul and his replacement by David. No one would have heard of David if King Sauk had not lost his crown and position; just as nobody would have heard of Easter if Vashti had not lost her position. God has given us these examples so that we can learn a lesson. God told Samuel to stop mourning over King Saul because He had already rejected him. He told Samuel to fill his horn with oil and go anoint one of the found out about his mission. This is an interesting statement because it shows clearly that Saul had degenerated so badly that he could kill a servant of God. It is terrible thing to backslide. This is why you must never touch sin. we need to study the lives of the people that God rejected in the Bible so that we can learn one or two lessons from their mistakes. Why was Esau rejected? The Bible tell us in Hebrews 12:15:17 that he was rejected because he could not control his appetite. I pray that your stomach would not send you to Hell. Some people have never fasted since they became Christians. I pray that your appetite would not put you into trouble to the point where God would reject you in Jesus Name.   
Prayer point
Father, have mercy on me. Help me not to embark on a path that will lead to my rejection and replacement in Jesus Name. if I am on such a path, please salvage me from now.

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