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Wednesday January 29th 2014

The present help in time of need.
The Lord is the great provider. He has provided for numerous people before and He will provide for the needy again and again. In John 6:5-13, we read of how the Lord provided food for a multitude. He can provide for your family as well. God’s provision takes different forms. In this case, that which was available – a small meal, was multiplied supernaturally as it was shared. After everybody had eaten, there were twelve baskets of extra food left over. There are times He provides by creative miracles – bring into existence what was not available before. The case of money from the mouth of a fish as we read in today’s Bible reading is a very good example.
I have always believed that in every man’s life, there is a river with a fish in it. I implore you to take soul winning seriously because there is somebody somewhere waiting to, in whose hands the Lord has deposited resources that will meet some kingdom needs. By the grace of God, the Lord has enabled me to catch some fishes for him, who in turn He is using to meet some of His needs. Those whom the apostles won to Christ brought everything to the apostles ‘feet for distribution among the saints. God loves you so much that you don’t have to beg to possess anything. You will enjoy a deep sense of freedom when you realise that everything you need is in God’s hands and that he can direct it to you as He pleases. During our annual convention a few years ago, I completely ran out of money because we usually feed the participants whose number we normally could not determine in order to draw up a specific budget. It was on a Thursday of the convention week which was to last till Sunday and we had completely ran out of money. My wife ran to me and said, “Darling, we need =N=5,000 now”. I told her to go and come back to me later. After she left, I said “Almighty God, you heard that; I need =N=5,000 now”. Some minutes after the prayer, a man came and said, “I was just driving past and saw the activities going on here. I didn’t know so much is going on here. Next, year, I would like to be part of it”. As he turned to go, he dipped his hands into his pocket and gave me an envelop which I eagerly opened to find =N=1,000 in it. I was encouraged and told God that “ We have =N=1,000 down, now it is =N= 4,000 to go!” shortly after that, two young people in the Church came with envelopes in their hands and handed them to me. I found =N=2,000 in each of them. This was how the Lord met that immediate need. I pray before the end of today, the need that woke you up from your sleep shall be met by the Present Help in Jesus’ Name.  
Prayer point
Father, I thank you because you are the present Help in the time of need. Please meet me at the point of my needs today in Jesus Name.

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