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Friday April 11th 2014 - AN ASSET NOT A LIABILITY


Memorise: Know yet not that ye are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? 1 Corinthians 3:16

Every child of God is meant to be carrying divine treasure on the inside. This is true because you cannot be born-again except the Holy Spirit comes into you. The Holy Spirit is a divine treasure given to us as a deposit guaranteeing us of things to come (Ephesians 1:13-14). Besides this, the Bible reveals that through we are earthen, we are carrying inside of us great treasure. This treasure gives heavenly abilities – abilities above the natural. We have these abilities because of the presence of God in us. We are therefore the temple of God (1 Corinthians 3:16). With this status, every sense of loss among men. Rather than being the answer to problems, many children of God  have become problems themselves within different circles and their communities. In the church itself, some children of God have no other business besides peddling both founded and unfounded rumours. For some, their business is to criticize; for some others, it is to analyse why the vision of the leader is not realistic. This is not supposed to be so, and except such individuals repent and turn a new leaf, they are toying with Hell; besides, they cannot enjoy the favour of God here on earth.
You as a child of God should not despise or belittle the great things you are capable of doing to turn the lives of individuals, families, towns, cities and countries around by the presence of Jesus in you. It is not about your physical build, human intellect or wisdom; its about Jesus in you. I want you to know that through you may look small in your own eyes, there are lives only you can affect (as God has pre-ordained) and they are waiting for you. In Acts 27:27-44), Paul was but a prisoner on board a ship transporting him and other prisoners to Rome. The leaders of the voyage were the trained captain and sailors who were to pilot the ship safely to its destination – Rome. However, when trouble came by reason of a storm that would not abate, with death on the horizon, it was Paul, a prisoner with no proficiency in the art of sailing that became the situational leader. He was able to perform this role because of Jesus in Him. He only needed to commune with his Father. Thus, he brought hope and solution to the trepidation of the moment. You can be the leader for the moment by being the solution to that naughty issue or to that life-threatening experience of that couple. You can being tears of joy rather than the tears of sorrow being experienced by the brother, sister or neighbour. These you will achieve if only realise that you are not a liability but an asset needing to be unbundled. 

Action Point

Prayerfully compose a list of individuals and or families for your intercession and those to reach for Christ.

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