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Memorise: For as he thinketh in his hearth, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee. Proverbs 23:7

God honours faith. Faith is crucial to our walk with God. You need faith to be born-again. You need faith to live a life that pleases God. You need faith to prosper as a true child of God. You need faith to be healthy and live long in the land of the living. You need faith to fulfil your destiny.

“Jesus said unto him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.”
Mark 9:23

The problem with many people is not with their belief in God; it is with their failure to believe in themselves. Many people do not believe in their ability to do what the word of God says they can do. You must believe in yourself. One reason you must believe in yourself is because God believes in you. If God did not believe in you, He wouldn’t have created you in His own image or endowed you with His capability and qualities (Genesis 1:26-28). Begin to see yourself the way God sees you. You are a good product. God saw Moses and Gideon in better light than they saw themselves (Exodus 3:10-11, Judges 6:14-15). Many people are discouraged because of the way others see them. Are people seeing you as a never-do-well? Do not allow their opinion to determine your destiny. People saw Peter as a reed which is very unstable, but Jesus saw him as a stone which could be built upon (John 1:42). Stop seeing yourself the way others see you. Failure to believe in yourself can be disastrous. It can attract premature death. Many people have committed suicide because they no longer believed in themselves. The Israelites who did not believe in God and in themselves died in the wilderness (Numbers 14:27-31). When you believe in yourself, you are indirectly prolonging your life. Believe in yourself, no matter how discouraging your circumstances are. Another reason you must believe in yourself is because as a person, you will consistently act according to the way you see yourself. The Israelites were on their own sight as grasshoppers and therefore they could not move forward (Numbers 13:32-33). If you want to advance in life, you must see yourself in a positive light. The greatest service you can render yourself is to see yourself in a positive light. You should also endeavour to influence others positively. Help others to fulfil their destiny. Are you a source of encouragement or discouragement to others? Are you saying and doing things that will help others to believe in themselves? Believe in yourself and being to identify people who should be mentored by you to fulfil their destiny. Be a positive light to your world. 

Action Point
Prophesy five positive things to yourself from the word of God.

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