01 July, 2014

Friday July 4th 2014 - FEAR DISALLOWED


Memorise: For thou art the glory of their strength: and in thy favour our horn shall be exalted. Psalm 89:17

The first time you are confronted with a golden opportunity that will catapult you into greatness, you may think that your end has finally come. This season, giant opportunities will come to you. They will be so big that you will not miss them, but know this: they may camouflage as problems. Don’t be scared but rather rejoice that your change has come at last. Remember that after David was anointed king in his father’s house, Goliath showed up to take his crown. From this, learn that certain problems that come your way after definite prophetic word from God on your promotion, success, victory or breakthrough are out to legitimize your blessing and usher you into it. Even if people were in doubt about how Young David ever qualify to be so honoured, by the time he killed Goliath, all their doubts were dissipated. His brothers and others who were challenging God’s decision acknowledged that even through he was younger, he was outstanding, since he could accomplish what they could not.

Are you a child of destiny? If you are, show it by not being scared of problems. Welcome problems that come your way and see the advantage they will fetch you when you are used of God to solve them. Take it up to the Lord and invite Him to take on that problem, and you will receive victory. A child of destiny does not run away from challenges; in fact, the greater the challenge, the bigger his or her joy is because the end result will bring greatness. You want to see the miraculous operate in your life, yet you shy away from evangelism; how then would God use you? Why are you hiding from the hot spots of the battlefield? Do you think God cannot protect His own? If not from God, where else can you get true protection? The fellow who is secured is the one that God is protecting. Why are you afraid of your life? Who can touch you when God does not approve of it? Arise today! Confront all your giants and cause then to face your God while you step right behind God to receive the victory!

Key Point
The greatest hindrance into your destiny is fear; it is an enemy at the door of opportunity.

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