01 July, 2014

Thursday July 3rd 2014 - NO WAIVERS


Memorise: Through he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; Hebrews 5:8

Ministry is in stages. You start from being an onlooker – a spectator who is eager to observe and learn, then you move on to being sent, after which you are to the level of going on your own. I recall the first time I laid hands on people in church on returning from Kenneth Hagin camp meeting in Tulsa, USA in 1979. I saw Kenneth Hagin laying hands on people and they fell under the anointing and received miracles. On my way back to Nigeria, I talked it over with God in the plane. The following Sunday, I asked people to queue up, I laid hands on them, and they fell under the anointing – a practice I never believed could happen.

In the service of God, there is always a higher level you can move on to. For instance, Acts 5:15-16 says Peter moved up to the level where even his shadow was healing the sick. This season, the Lord will take you higher until you get to the very top! Whatever level you have achieved in ministry or business, there is still a higher level you can attain. There is always space at the top of high climbers.

As you desire to move from one level to the another, there are new requirements you must meet. In God’s school no one moves higher without satisfying some greater qualification requirement. As far as God is concerned, there is nothing like automatic promotion. You must earn your promotion because you cannot bribe or manipulate Him – not even with worship! As good as David and Jesus were in worshipping God, they still had to move from grade to grade in God’s school. In conventional schools, if you do exceptionally well in your performance, you can get a double promotion. But in God’s school, no detail is ignored. The test you could not pass must be repeated irrespective of where you run to. For instance, if you fail a test in submission to authorities and decided to leave to another church to staff afresh, you will continue from where you stopped. Until you pass that test, there is no promotion to the next stage. It is therefore wisdom to humbly take your lessons in a gospel church and prayerfully pass the tests so that you can move to the next level. If Jesus was given no waiver, don’t expect any if you want to get to the top

Key Point
There is no cutting corners in God’s service.

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