01 September, 2014

SUCCESSFUL BY ACHIEVEMENTS – Monday September 8th 2014

Memorise: Let them shout for joy, and be glad, that favour my righteous cause: yea, let them say continually, Let the LORD be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of his servant. Psalm 35:27
Read: Joshua 1:7-9; Bible in one year: Joshua 7:1-8:29; Job 34:31-35:8

One of the utmost desires of believer and unbeliever alike is to record outstanding achievements in life. Ministers of the gospel, businessman and woman, politicians, civil servants, entrepreneurs, students, government officials and people from all spheres of life pray for success. It is similar to being the head and not the tail. Success and excellence go hand in hand. I want you to realise that you can be successful. God takes delight in you being successful. No matter how much failure you have recorded in the past, you can still be highly successful. God has not created anyone to be a permanent failure. Every sinner you see today has a future, and every saint you see has a past. The Lord is able to change your name from failure to a success.

God plays a prominent role in the achievement of success by everyone. There is no amount of human labour that will suffice if God is not involved. This is why you need to put your total strength in Him. Never run ahead of Him. Follow his promises steadfastly and you will have a reason to rejoice at the end of the day. There are many people who are waiting for God to take them to the river and to also put water in their mouth. God has not designed us to be useless; therefore, we all have a role to play in determining the degree of success we achieve. Determination on the part of individuals cannot be separated from achievement of success. It is determination that will keep you on the right track. Challenges are bound to be on your way, but through the instrumentality of determination, you will be able to forge ahead amidst distractions. With determination, you can cross any “Red Sea”, subdue mountains and achieve impossible feats. When you are determined, you will record outstanding success where many have failed. A fully determined man will weather all storms, experience fruitfulness during famine and even remain at the cutting edge of prosperity during an economic crunch. The plan of God for you life is success. Until you are successful, you cannot become a Channel of blessing to others around you. Failure is alien to the plan and promises of God for your life. Therefore, I command failure upon every device of the enemy designed to destroy your success, in Jesus’ Name. Diligence is a lifestyle for successful people. It is what separates leaders from followers, the rich from the poor and successful people from failures  

Key Point
There is no one who can go far on the ladder of success without dedication to hard work.
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