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THE ALL-KNOWING GOD – Wednesday November 26th 2014

Memorise: O LORD, thou hast searched me, and known me. Psalm 139:1
Read: Psalm 139:1-6
Bible in one year: 2 Chronicles 7:4-9:31, Proverbs 31:16-31
God is the only one whose knowledge covers both actual and possible happenings. He knows everything about things that are, and He has the knowledge of all things that could have been. Concerning you, He knows everything, down to the very thought of your heart. Even the things you will think of in future, He knows them (Psalm 139:1-2). The devil’s knowledge is not in any way close to the level of God’s knowledge at all. He does not know the thought of your heart unless you reveal it one way or the other. Don’t ever make the mistake of equating Satan’s level of knowledge with that of God. Although Satan makes the most of his limited knowledge in advancing the interest of his kingdom, God is able to turn his wisdom and the wisdom of all your enemies into foolishness. This was demonstrated in the case of Moses, who was born to deliver Israel from their captivity in Egypt.

Several years earlier in Genesis 15:13-14, when God was speaking to Abraham that his descendants would be in servitude for four hundred (400) years in a strange land, Satan heard it. At the expiration of the four hundred (400) years, Satan knew that a saviour would be born for the deliverance of God’s people. So he put machinery in place to eliminate this saviour in order to stall the liberation of God’s people. One element of his grand plan was the enthronement of a Pharaoh who would not acknowledge Joseph or what he had done for Egypt. This Pharaoh was therefore hostile to God’s people. Satan used him to decree the killing of all Hebrew male children. In spite of this, Moses the liberator was raised under his very nose, in his palace and with his resources. If Satan knew everything, Moses would not have survived, he would have exposed him. God is able to raise you up in the midst of your enemies. Indeed, the Lord will blindfold all those seeking after your life and they will become your greatest asset, helpers, providers and stepping stones to greater heights in Jesus’ Name.   

Action Point
Worship the most High God for His exclusive attribute of being the all knowing and for being able to bring His counsel to pass on your life, irrespective of all that the enemies may plan.

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