06 January, 2015

THE WONDERS OF THE SPOKEN WORD – Tuesday January 6th 2015

Memorise: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Genesis 1:3
Read: Genesis 1:1-3, Bible in one year: Isaiah 15:1-19:15, Acts 4:23-37
Isaiah 55:10-11 establishes the wonder-working power of the spoken Word o God. The Word of God can transform darkness to light (Genesis 1:3). This is why in Mark 10:46-52, when Bartimaeus cried for the recovery of his sight, all Jesus did was speak, and his sight was restored. Genesis 1:20-22 reveals the fact that the spoken Word of God can transform emptiness to fullness. At the beginning of creation, the world was empty and void, but when the spoken Word of God went forth, the world became full of all sorts of creatures. I prophesy to you that in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, your emptiness shall be transformed of fullness.

Moreover, the spoken Word of God can bring orderliness to a confused situation. We see this in the story of the storm that rocked the boat of Jesus and His disciples (Mark 4:35-41). All Jesus did was to speak peace to the confusion on the sea, and there was calm. This same spoken Word of God can go into the bowels of the earth to bring the dead buried there back to life (John 11:39-44). I want to encourage you to identify genuine prophets of God and never trivialise the word that comes out of their mouth. In 2nd Kings 4:1-7, we read about the word of the prophet of God to a poor widow whose sons were about to be sold into slavery. The moment the man of God spoke, the multiplying power of God went into the lone bottle of oil in her hand and the miracle began to happen. Today, as you read this devotional, standing on the authority of the Word of God, I decree that every emptiness in your life be filled in Jesus’ Name.

Years ago, a man came to us for prayer. He was distressed because he had become financially bankrupt. After the prayer, he said that he knew he should not come to a man of God empty-handed but that he had nothing to give. As if that was not enough, he begged for transport money back home. I took the little money I had then, gave it to him and said, “This money will never finish.” He said “Amen” and left. Today, I know at least two of the houses he built after that encounter. My earnest prayer for you too is that whatever money is in your possession as you are reading  the spoken Word from the month of God’s prophet, depart from iniquity and you will give testimonies of power in the Word.

 Action Point
Read aloud all the written prophecies in today’s devotional, receive them by faith and you will experience the power in the Word.

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