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REASON FOR MIRACLES – Wednesday February 4th 2015

Memorise: Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. John 20:29
Read: John 11:43-45, Bible in one year: Jeremiah 28-29, Acts 20:17-35
A miracle can be defined as an extraordinary event or development that is inexplicable by natural or scientific laws and is attributed to divine agency. Miracles defy natural and scientific laws because such laws are in suspension or overridden supernaturally for a miracle to take place. The question then is: why will God go to such great lengths to perform a miracle? I pray that God will go to any length to give your desired miracle today in the Name of Jesus.

The Bible offers many reasons as to why God would go the extra mile to perform miracles. God performs miracles so that people may believe in Him (Exodus 4:1-9). In some cases, He performs miracles out of love and compassion for human suffering (Luke 7:11-15). Sometimes it is to authenticate a prophet as a true servant of God (Acts 2:22). Some other reasons for miracles, common to most of the records of the miraculous in the Bible include: strong faith in God, hopelessness, helplessness and desperation. If you are desperate for a miracle because your case is hopelessly helpless, the Almighty God will rise on your behalf and give you a mighty miracle today in the Name of Jesus. Miracles are real, and genuine miracles are Biblical. As a matter of fact, so many human conditions are beyond natural and scientific solutions; these are distinct situations for divine intervention. We thank God that numerous creative miracles (of which some testimonies are incredible) have been happening by His special grace in our ministry as we travel across the globe over the years. So, no matter how hopeless your situation is, all you need to pick-up your own miracle is to have a good reason why God should visit your case.  

If you can take the first step by becoming born-again, you would have won the love and compassion of God. If you fellow that up with total obedience to the word of God and strong faith in the Name of Jesus, your case becomes stronger. If you will dare to become a witness for Jesus, telling everyone around you of His love, goodness and mercy, then your case becomes very strong. Finally, if you would continuously knock on the door of heaven through your fervent players, you automatically become a sure candidate for a miracle. As you fellow these steps to build a strong case or reason for a miracle, the Lord will notice your efforts, accept your person, open a book of remembrance on your case and give you a creative miracle in Jesus’ Name.

Prayer Point

Father, please settle my case today; visit me with a divine miracle in Jesus’ Name.

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