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A CHANCE FOR GOOD – Friday March 6th 2015

Memorise: Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; Acts 3:19
Read: Isaiah 55:6-7, Bible in one year: Ezekiel 34:11-36:15, Revelation 14:14-15:8
After God has done something spectacular in your life, there is a need to give quality thanks to Him. You need to appreciate God for His faithfulness and blessings over your life, home and career, as well as for the peace of mind that money cannot buy. Never allow anything to limit your thanksgiving, and always colour your thanksgiving with praise and testimonies. After surviving the flood, Noah and his household offered quality thanks to God for preserving them in the midst of the destruction that came upon the earth. Some years ago, one of my daughters praised God like never before during a New Year cross-over service. Many were curious to know the reason for her uncommon thanksgiving and praise. In response, she said she was thanking God for preserving her life to see the New Year despite all that had happened to her in the previous year. In the previous year, she lost her job, lost her car to robbers and lost her flat to a fire incident. But when there is life, there is hope. There is a user of this devotional, every good thing you have lost before now will be restored in Jesus’ Name.
Many people only thank God when things are going well, but for some, thanksgiving has become their lifestyle irrespective of what is happening around them. Do you remember to thank God at those times when you have enjoyed uncommon grace to do the right thing, when ordinarily the devil would have wanted you to do otherwise? It is one thing to know how to do the right thing, and it is another thing to receive the grace to do it.

The Lord wants everything to change for your good. He wants you to experience the times of refreshing. Change can be positive or negative. If a man gets promoted in the office to an enviable position, it is a change. This change attracts other changes; for example, the one who has been receiving orders becomes the one issuing them. The one who has been driving himself becomes the one with an official driver. This year, the Lord will surprise you and surprise your enemies by what He will do in your life. This is why you cannot afford to be unserious with God. While things change for good for His children, for those who are not on the Lord’s side, the change will not be positive. When the Lord set the children of Israel free from the hands of their slave masters, it was a change to freedom, but on the side of the Egyptians, it was the beginning of destruction and self-service. I am speaking to the life of someone: a change is coming to you now. It shall be a change for good that will affect every area of your life and bring uncommon blessings to your life, family, ministry, business and career.

Key Point
Change happens to those who are prepared to handle it.

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