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THE WISE & THE FOOLISH – Thursday April 9th 2015

Memorise: Abstain from all appearance of evil. 1st Thessalonians 5:22
Read: Judges 16:15-21; Bible in one year: Joshua 1-3, Matthew 17
Imagine you are driving on an unfamiliar road, and you see a sign that reads “narrow bridge ahead”. As soon as you see this sign, you have gained the knowledge that there is a narrow bridge in front of you. What you choose to do with this knowledge will determine whether you are wise or foolish. If you are wise, you will slow down immediately. If you ignore the sign and increase your speed, you are foolish. This illustrates the state of many lives. Wisdom is the correct application of knowledge. When you begin to apply knowledge correctly, you will reach your goal. Fools always end badly even if they start well. The wise builds, while the foolish pulls down (Proverbs 14:1). All the things that happened to generation of Israelites that did not make it to the Promised Land were written for us as examples and for our admonition, so that we will know what to do and what not to do at every given time. We are to learn from these examples and be prepared.

There are many kinds of false prophets today, even among those who call themselves Pentecostals. Despite their shallowness and heretical teachings, their churches are prospering numerically and financially. If you are not careful, the tendency is there to think “since they are prospering so much; God must be behind them!” such a mindset can lead to weariness and ultimately spiritual slumber. A sleeping man is at the mercy of his enemies, as was the case with Saul (1st Samuel 26:7-8). A sleeping man can also lose things that are very precious. Samson lost his hair while he was asleep, and by the time he woke up, all his power had left him (Judges 16:19-20). Samson dozed off many times before he slept. He did not act against the appearance of evil. He did not act when Delilah kept pestering him. She asked him for his weak point and Samson was so careless not to realise that her request wasn’t a joke. He kept on dozing until he finally slept off on her laps. There the enemy overcame him and plucked out his eyes. It is true that his hair grew again, but his eyes were never restored. The foolish person is careless, while the wise one is careful. The fool will want to sin and ask for forgiveness, but he who is wise will abstain from sin and everything that has the appearance of evil. You never know where your next test will come from. Once you lay your hand on the plough, you cannot afford to look back (Luke 9:62). Do not relax when you have not finished the race. Make up your mind to pray, study the word of God and fast more than others. Meditate day and night on the word of God. Be extra careful. With total surrender to God, He will carry you and make sure that against all odds, you reach your goal.    

 Prayer Point

Father, have mercy upon me and help me to act with wisdom at all times.

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