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Memorise: There were they in great fear: for God is in the generation of the righteous. Psalm 14:5
Read: Genesis 48:13-19, Bible in one year: 2nd Chronicles 16:1-18:27, Luke 23:18-43
Shortly before Israel’s death, Joseph his son visited him with his two sons. When it was time to bless the boys, he positioned Manasseh his firstborn to come under his father’s right hand, while Ephraim would come under the left. He knew the implication of position and blessing. But when Israel stretched his hands to bless the boys, he crossed his hands, placing his right hand on the younger and his left hand on the older. Joseph protested but Israel insisted. Let us draw out a few lessons from this passage. The first of these is that after a period of service comes a time of reward. Hence, John the beloved warns in 2nd John 8 that:
“Look to yourselves, that we lose not those things which we have wrought, but that we receive a full reward.”
It is therefore possible to labour for something and never get the reward.
There will always be a time to reap after sowing. Hence, you need to be very careful what you sow, because the harvest is always around the corner. Another lesson from today’s Bible passage is that after a long stretch of service, there comes a time for the impartation of generational blessings. That is, after serving God for several years, a time comes when the blessing that transcends you will be delivered to your children. This can only be done if you have brought up your children in the way of the Lord. Generational blessings come from God. It is more than just a right; it is a reward for quality and consistent service. Psalm 23:30 says:
“A seed shall serve him; it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation.”
When the time comes for a generational blessing to be transferred to your children and your grandchildren, may they not be found wanting in Jesus’ Name. The implication of this is that whatever effort you put into God’s Kingdom is duly recorded, and that for all your efforts in God’s kingdom, a reward awaits your children. This is why you cannot afford to get tired of loving, serving, pleasing and sacrificing to God. Such efforts help to lay a solid foundation for your children’s future. To what extent are you preparing your children for their tomorrow? Abraham served God and it created a higher platform for Isaac. Isaac also served the Lord and Israel rode on the pedestal. Israel continued from there and Joseph was given a soft landing. Joseph loved the Lord and it affected his sons positively. What kind of blessing will be transferred to your children through your service? 

Key Point

Whether your children will have a smooth ride to destiny or not depends on your relationship with God today. 

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