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WHEN HE BECKONS TO YOU - Saturday August 29th 2015

Memorise: In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying, if any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink. John 7:37
Read: Exodus 3:3-4, Bible in one year: Genesis 47-48, Romans 1:18-2:11
When a king beckons to you, it means you have caught his attention. In Esther 5:1-3, when King Ahasuerus saw Esther standing in the inner courts of the palace, he immediately raised his sceptre towards her. By so doing, he was inviting her to come nearer. When God beckons to you, you can be assured that things are definitely taking a new turn from that moment. This was the experience of Moses. For 40 years, Moses was at the back side of the desert looking after his father-in-law’s sheep; but one day, this well-read and once very promising heir to the throne of Egypt (now turned shepherd boy) encountered the burning bush which was not consumed. He heard God beckon to Him saying “Moses, Moses”. From that very moment, his story was never the same. God beckons to you when the day of your favour dawns. There is a user of this devotional: you have invested so much time money in acquiring several degrees but you have not been able to use them. It appears God has forgotten you for some years, and you have been wondering when the opportunity will ever come for your certificates to work for you. Rejoice! Your time of favour has just dawned. God has just remembered you and is presently beckoning to you. Within the next three months, your life will go through a transformation, to the extent that it will be difficult for you to believe this is happening to you. When the Lord does this for you, do not forget to appreciate Him and testify of it.

In 1969, while doing my postgraduate programme in Mathematics, a friend of mine was doing his research on the coastlines of Lagos, and so he needed to visit all the coastlines and take samples from them. He decided to go to Ebute Metta, Lagos, for some samples. Because we were friends and I was available, I accompanied him. At Ebute Metta, we saw a very large signboard which read “The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)”. Looking to see what the big signboard was referring to, we only saw a very little church. I turned to my friend and said “The big name killed a small dog! We laughed and left. Four years later, somebody invited me to the same RCCG for the first time, saying “There is a small church at Ebute Metta where God is performing miracles.” I told him I had seen that church before – the small church with the big signboard. Imagine what God is doing today after beckoning to me. May you heed God’s beckoning in Jesus’ Name. 
Action Point

What you look down on today may be your saving grace tomorrow. Ask for divine guidance min all you do.

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