Open Heaven 11 August 2018 Prayer Points For Today’s– Your Help Comes From The Lord

Open Heaven 11 August 2018 Prayer Points For Today’s– Your Help Comes From The Lord

 Open Heaven 11 August 2018

1.          Thank you, Father, for the redemptive blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross for the remission of my sin.
2.          Father, in anyway, l have fallen short of your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me.

3.          Father, let every spirit of disobedience and procrastination, in my life be consumed by your fire, in Jesus’ name.

4.         Father, fill me to the brim with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ name.
5.          Father, release upon my life the grace for prompt and immediate obedience, to every divine instruction, from you, in Jesus’ name.
6.         Father, give me depth in your word, that l may be able to help true seekers to understand them, in Jesus’ name.

            Open Heaven 11 August 2018: [Saturday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E. A. Adeboye Your Help Comes From The Lord

7.         Father, let me be willing and ready to leave my comfort zone, in the city, to serve you in rural areas, where there are no basic amenities, if and when, l am required to do so, in Jesus’ name. 
8.         Father, whenever, you give me direct instructions, give me the grace, never to begin to confer with flesh and blood, again, before carrying them out, in Jesus’ name.
9.         Father, help me never to dictate to you, where and how to serve you, or question your authority and decisions, in Jesus’ name.
10.        Father, let no sacrifice be too big or costly, for me to make, in furthering the course and expansion of your kingdom, in Jesus’ name.
11.      Father, let there be a restoration of lost opportunities, goodness and favours, that disobedience to your instruction, in the past, has cost me, in Jesus’ name.
12.        Your Personal petitions.( Philippians 4:6)
13.        In Jesus’s name I pray.(John 14:13-14; 15:16)
14.        Thank you Father for answered prayers. (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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