Open Heaven 3 April 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Be Quiet!

Open Heaven 3 April 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Be Quiet!

 (Open Heaven 3 April 2019)

1.    O Lord I praise you for your amazing grace.

2.    Thank you Heavenly Father for your faithfulness over me and my household.

3.    I praise you Lord for the benefit of a brand new week and a new month.
4.    Lord, this week/month and beyond I put my trust in you and in you only
Father, I trust in your power and your love for me. 
5.    I decree in the mighty name of Jesus that no power, no demon, no trial and no tribulation shall remove me from the presence of my God.
6.    I decree in the mighty name of Jesus, that my focus upon my God will  not be shifted by any means or by satanic attack.
7.    I decree in the mighty name of Jesus, I remain firmly rooted in the love of Jesus and in His righteousness.
8.    Father, surround me and my household with you glory and deliverance.
9.    Father, envelope me and my household in your love and safety.
10. I declare and decree in Jesus name that punishment of the wicked shall not come upon me and my household.

Open Heaven 3 April 2019: [Wednesday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – Be Quiet!

11. In the name of Jesus Christ, any agenda of the devil to visit me and my family with evil is scattered.
12. I have been made righteous in Christ Jesus, no iniquity shall be found in me and in my habitation.
13. I trust in your goodness O Lord, favor me and my family with your exceptional goodness this week.
14. Father cause your goodness to make the difference in our lives to the glory of your name.
15. Father, single me and my family our for the manifestation of your overflowing  grace and mercy.
16. Father, I pray for the upholding power of the Holy Spirit to strengthen me in the path of holiness.
17. Holy Spirit establish my feet in the way of righteousness; I have closed the door to the devil and his ways; I refuse to turn back in Jesus name.
18. Please my Lord and my God, do not take me away with workers of iniquities.
19. Peace of the Lord, rest mightily upon me and my household.
20. Peace of the Lord, rest mightily upon my Church and my nation.

21. Thank you Father for answering my prayers in Jesus mighty name.

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