Open Heaven 21 April 2019 Prayer Points on Today – It is of Necessity

Open Heaven 21 April 2019 Prayer Points on Today – It is of Necessity

(Open Heaven 21 April 2019)

1.              O Lord, enrich me with your gifts, in Jesus name.
2.        Oh Lord, quicken me and increase my desire for the things of heaven in                       Jesus name.
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3.              O lord, by your ruler-ship, O Lord, let the lust if the flesh in my life die, in the                   name of Jesus.
4.              O Lord, make me ready to go wherever you send me, in Jesus name.
5.              Lord Jesus, never let me try to limit you to my capacity, In Jesus name.
6.              Let the flame of the Holy Spirit blaze upon the altar of my heart, in Jesus                       name.
7.              O lord, let your fire burn all that is not holy in my life, in Jesus name.
8.              Lord Jesus, impact to me thoughts higher than my own thoughts, in Jesus                   name.

Open Heaven 21 April 2019: [Sunday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – It is of Necessity

9.     Holy Spirit, come as dew and cloud and refresh me, In Jesus name.
10. Holy Spirit, guide me in the way of freedom, in Jesus name.
11. Holy Spirit, where my love is cold, warm me up, in Jesus name.
12. Let the spiritual rag of poverty in my life be destroyed by the fire of God, in Jesus name.
13. Let every past satanic achievements in my life be converted to my promotion, in the name of Jesus.
14. Oh Lord, let the shame of my enemies, and the enemies of my family and the enemy of our church be multiplied greatly in Jesus name.
15. Let every power planning to turn my life upside down fall don and die now, in the name of Jesus.
16. Let my divinely appointed helpers begin to locate me from now, in the name of Jesus.
17. O Lord we thank you God for our answered prayers in Jesus name.

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