Open Heaven 19 April 2019 Prayer Points on Today – He Will Not Forget

Open Heaven 19 April 2019 Prayer Points on Today – He Will Not Forget

(Open Heaven 19 April 2019)

1. Pray for Daddy and Mummy GO, Regional Pastors, Provincial Pastors, Families of Missionaries,  Coordinators/assistants and their families that God will keep, uphold & sustain them in the ministry.

2. Pray that God will cover their ministries with the fire of the Holy Ghost that they shall continue to be carriers of His power & that through this power they will permanently be more than conquerors in Jesus name.
Open Heavens

3. Lord we thank you because you are more than sufficient for us. Thank you Lord because you are faithful. Thank you because you are our help in ages past
4. Father, I praise you for breath in my nostrils; I praise you for life. I thank you for the opportunity to still praise you.
5. Father, I thank you for who I am in you. I thank you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made in your image. I praise you for the divine mandate and ability you have given me to be fruitful, multiply, replenish the earth and have dominion over all the works of your hands.
6. Father, I thank you for protecting me and my household from the evil of the day and of the night and from all dangers both seen and unseen.
7. Father, I thank you for your plan of redemption and for giving us Jesus Christ. We thank you that our faith is NOT IN VAIN. I thank you for the eternal glory reserved for me in your place. Father, I thank you for giving us the Holy Spirit, to comfort us and to guide us into all truths, till the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

Open Heaven 19 April 2019: [Friday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – He Will Not Forget

8. Father I thank you for your plan of divine health for me. I thank you for the healings I have experienced in the past. I thank you for the work of healing you are doing presently. I thank you because you will not permit any disease to befall me.
9. I thank you for the covenant of peace. In spite of all the unrest both here and abroad, your peace have prevailed over me and all that concerns me. I thank you for keeping me, my family and the body of Christ. I praise you for keeping everyone, whose joy will be my joy and whose grief will affect my joy.
10. Father, I thank you for your marvelous works amongst us. Thank you for raising help for us, even when we do not know how to pray, or what to ask for. I praise you for the assurance of answers to prayers.
11. Father, in this new year, be merciful unto to me and my family, deliver us from every evil work, association and temptation, forgive every hidden fault and preserve me for your heav- enly kingdom in Jesus name
12. 9 Father, I Uproot and part with everything that represents the spirit of Lot in my life in Jesus name. Redeem me from every entanglement (Strife, greed, lukewarmness, wrong choices)
13. John 16:13. Father guide me towards what you think is best for me. I refuse to make foundational mistakes in my decision making, but let the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit guide me to make wise judgment (choices, decisions, etc) in Jesus name.
14. Thank God for answering prayers in Jesus name 1John 5:14; Matt 7:7-8

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