Open Heavens 11 May 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Heaven on the Earth!

Open Heavens 11 May 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Heaven on the Earth!

(Open Heavens 11 May 2019)

1.    Genesis 32:26 Jacobs prayer, God of Job his life changed my father I will not let you go unless you bless me with fire in Jesus name. ” Spirit of discouragement be bound” 
2.    Exodus 33:18 Show me the Glory oh Lord show me your Glory in the name of Jesus. 
Open heavens

3.    1st King 3:9 O Lord give me understanding heart to discern evil from good in Jesus name. 

4.    1 Chronicles 4:10 Jabez enlarge my coast oh Lord enlarge my coast in the name of Jesus. We have tree levels of blessings work of your hands, basket and storehouse. 

I    decree in the life of somebody. O God arise and enlarge my coast.
5.    Psalm 86:1 Let God arse and let my enemies scatter in Jesus name.  

Open Heavens 11 May 2019: [Saturday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – Heaven on the Earth!

6.    1st King 18:24,36 Elijah fire fire burns, fire is a aggressive hot, confrontational, dominion, respect, melt down. Oh God that answers by fire, answer cooks, purify, me fire (power) today in Jesus name

7.    2nd King 2:14 Prayer to Give access when doors are closed. 
8.    Mark 10:47 Cry son of David have mercy on me.

9.    Acts 4:29 Behold their threatening oh lord behold their threatening prayer of reporting to your God about their treats. Your enemies will plan your celebration. 

10. John 3:8 Oh Lord make me a mysterious wonder when men say it is finished. With this prayer, things will begin to change for good in Jesus name. The lord will lift you up above peoples understanding. O God make me a divine wonder o God arise in Jesus name. 

Be Blessed in Jesus name.

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