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Open Heaven 28 June 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Let Hope Arise

Open Heaven 28 June 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Let Hope Arise

(Open Heaven 28 June 2019)

1). With the help of God, I claim all my spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus in Jesus name.
2). Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, help me as i pursue the purpose of my life in Jesus name.
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3). Oh Lord! Through your Holy spirit which is in me, send me help concerning this situations (mention them) in my life in Jesus name.
4). Oh Lord, let the person that will help me locate me today in Jesus name.
5). Oh Lord, you are my ever present help in time of need, meet me lord at the point of my needs in Jesus name.
6). Father help me from those who are too strong for me in Jesus name.
7). Oh Lord, be my present help and fight my battles today in Jesus name.

Open Heaven 28 June 2019: [Friday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – Let Hope Arise

8). Oh Lord, help me and deliver me from the arm of the mighty of this world in Jesus name.
9). Oh Lord, disappoint all those who say of me that there is no help for me in Jesus name.
10). Oh Lord, send help to me from the sanctuary and strengthen me out of Zion in Jesus name.
11). Oh Lord, I have no one here on earth that will help me. Help me for trouble is near. Deliver me so that my enemies will not cause me to weep in Jesus name.
12). Oh Lord, do not delay in helping me, send me help speedily and silent those who mock me in Jesus name.
13). Oh Lord! Do not hide your face from me at this trying period. Be merciful to me my God, arise and defend me in Jesus name.
14). Oh Lord, show me your loving kindness, raise helpers for me at this period of my life in Jesus name.
15). Oh Lord, a hope deferred makes the heart sick, there lord send me help before it’s too late for me in Jesus name.
16). Oh Lord! Take hold of shield and buckler and stand up for my help in Jesus name.
17). Oh Lord, help me and use me to help others in Jesus name.
18). Oh Lord, fight against those who are fighting against my destiny helpers today in Jesus name.
19). Oh Lord, because of the glory of your name, help me on this issue (mention it) in Jesus name.
20). Oh Lord, from today, I declare that I shall never lack help in Jesus name.
21). Oh Lord, from today, i declare that your mercy over me shall overrule all evil judgments in Jesus name.

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