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Open Heaven 21 July 2019 Prayer Points on Today – You Will Not Be Crushed

Open Heaven 21 July 2019 Prayer Points on Today You Will Not Be Crushed

(Open Heaven 21 July 2019)

1. Thank Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth for His grace upon your life
2. Ask God for forgiveness of sin and His mercies upon your life.
Open Heavens

3. Ask God to give you the kind of Grace He gave to Noah.
4. Declare very loud and clear, that the Holy Spirit should come and possess you to pray to breakthrough.
5. O God arise and let the enemies united against me, scatter in Jesus Name
6. Evil alliance forged for my sake, scatter in Jesus Name.
7. All nations of darkness gathered together for my sake and family, scatter in Jesus Name.
8. O God, arise and turn away the face of the flood of the enemy against me in Jesus Name.
9. enemies assigned to use the flood of waters to attack me and my handiwork, die in Jesus Name
10. O God arise and dry up the flood of the enemy assigned against me in Jesus Name
11. Thou power of evil flood approaching me, dry up in Jesus Name.
12. The Lord rebuke you the evil flood assigned against me to drown me in Jesus Name.

13. Any problem assigned to flow into my life to sweep me away from my position of honor, die in Jesus Name
14. Every multiple problem preparing to manifest in my life, die in Jesus Name
15. sea of darkness moving to overtake me in any journey of life, dry up in Jesus Name
16. Any problem assigned to bring other claim problems, clear away from me. 
17. I refuse to loose good things that God has given to me
18. O God, arise and build an impregnable wall of defense around my life, in Jesus Name
19. Flood of darkness controlled by household enemies against my property, be diverted in Jesus Name
20. I shall not loose my job, career, wife, husband, children, business, life, salvation and my joy in Jesus Name

Open Heaven 21 July 2019: [Sunday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – You Will Not Be Crushed

21. O God arise and take me into your ark of safety in Jesus name
22. My God, My Father, as you protected Noah and his family by your Grace, arise and protect me and my family
23. O God arise by your mercies and double your protection over my family and property in Jesus name
24. Any evil power rising from the sea against me and my family, die in Jesus name
25. The rain storm of affliction assigned to blow against me, cease now in Jesus name
26. The evil wind of affliction approaching me, blow back to your sender in Jesus name
27. O God arise, let the ground open and swallow the flood of my enemy in Jesus name
28. My God, My father, arise and take me to higher ground in life in Jesus name

29. My God, My father give me the wings of the eagle to fly above my enemies in Jesus name
30. Every sacrifice, offered to any water spirit against me, be rejected in Jesus name
31. Strongholds of darkness inside the sea, working against my life, scatter in Jesus name
32. every architect of sorrow in my life rising from the waters, die in Jesus name
33. O God arise and let every marine army assigned against me, scatter in Jesus name
34. Any problem, that will bring other greater problems into my life, die in Jesus name
35. Satanic marine army laying siege against my life, scatter in Jesus name
36. Problems that will consume good things in my life, die in Jesus name
37. My God, My father, let the blood of Jesus Christ pollute the waters of the enemy against me in Jesus name
38. Gathering of evil people against my progress, property and prosperity, scatter forever in Jesus name
39. O God arise and let all those gathering to consume me, scatter unto desolation forever in Jesus name
40. Thank God for answering your prayers

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