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Open Heaven 11 July 2019 Prayer Points on Today – The Signs Still Follows

Open Heaven 11 July 2019 Prayer Points on Today The Signs Still Follows

(Open Heaven 11 July 2019)

1) I believe and confess that the Lord is good and his glorious presence is manifest in me.
2) I boldly confess that the earth is filled with the glory of God.
Open Heaven for today

3) I confess that the glory of the Lord will be made manifest in our church, in our city, and in our work places.
4) I confess that the Lord shall invade my chaos and emptiness and turn it into pleasantness.
5) I boldly declare that the Lord will manifest his splendor through my life.
6) I thank God for creating me to pleasure him with praise.
7) I give God praise for sparking the fire of revival in my heart and I rejoice in the Lord for the Joy unspeakable and full of his glory. 

Open Heaven 11 July 2019: [Thursday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – The Signs Still Follows

8) 1) Pray for the wisdom to manage your home and family according to the will of God (HEBREWS 3:4).
9) Intercede for families facing hardships that the wisdom of God will teach them how to manage resources and feed masses (GENESIS 47:13-27).
10) Pray for peace in mother Nigeria and appropriate the blood of Jesus over all the corners of this nation that the peace of God will be made manifest in this nation for us to reap a harvest of righteousness (JAMES 3:18).
11) Pray for graduate unemployed youth, that God will grant them entrepreneurial skills for them to start their own businesses and pray that those seeking for employment will get it to the glory of God (2 THESSALONIANS 3:10).
12) Pray for all pregnant and nursing mothers that God will protect them and guide them through this period. Pray for the grace and mercies of God to locate those trusting God to carry seed, that God will exceed their
expectations (PSALM 127:3-5)
13) Thank God for making you a wonder to your generation. Declare that you are a wonder and you are flourishing in every good work, in Jesus name, amen (Psalm 71:7).

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