11 November 2019 Daily Declarations

11 November 2019 Daily Declarations
This morning, the presence of God will go with you and your household, in Jesus Name!
May His mercy speaks for you right now in Jesus Name!
11 November 2019 Daily Declarations
11 November 2019 Daily Declarations
Go and receive new Songs of testimonies in Jesus Name!
I decree your season of bareness to end now in Jesus Name!
Jehovah this day manifest yourself greatly in all that I do or find myself in
I decree I am free from all oppression and opposition affecting my life and glory in Jesus
I decree I am healed and no illness can make my body it’s abode ever again in Jesus name
I decree my life is forever upward and the blessings of God is risen upon my life in Jesus name
Let your life begin to witness sudden fruitfulness now in Jesus Name!
I wipe out your name from the list of mockers henceforth in Jesus Name!
Wherever you are trusting God for Testimonies, May You return with Testimonies in Jesus Name
You will never regret seeking God daily, in Jesus Name!
God is saying to someone- I will renew that inner organs of yours that was tagged damaged!
For those that God has visited You with fruits of the womb- I Pray May God are you through all stages of it in Jesus Name
I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus!
I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of You in Jesus Name!
Go ahead and Celebrate God for this Declarations. What A FAITHFUL FATHER!
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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