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2 November 2019 Daily Declarations

2 November 2019 Daily Declarations

Daily Confession: The grace of God is guiding me daily and my race is orchestrated by
my destiny maker. God has smiled on me, He has set me free, He has removed all unrest from me and given me divine peace. He is my hope always and my confidant. The presence of the lord is felt in the atmosphere I am and wherever I go in Jesus name amen. Halleluyah!
2 November 2019 Daily Declaration
2 November 2019 Daily Declaration

This morning the presence of God will go with you and your household in Jesus’ Name!
May His daily mercy never depart from you, in Jesus Name
I decree and declare, God’s plans for my life will override my selfish plans now, in Jesus Name
I decree over your life go and be fruitful in Jesus Name!
I decree and declare from this day onward, let your season of bareness be over now in Jesus
As a family, we declare safe delivery over those pregnancies on this platform now, in Jesus Name
I decree, my soul is rescued your soul this morning from the camp of wicked people in Jesus Name!
I declare God’s glory upon my life, let it begin to shine like never before in Jesus Name
To all users of this platform, from any part of the world, together as a family we declare success over everything you will engage your money into from now to end of the year 2019, in Jesus’ Name.
God is taking you beyond your comfort zone. Halleluyah!
I plead the blood of Jesus over everyone here this morning, your soul shall find peace today, in Jesus Name
A death appointment from the pit of hell is cancelled this day, in Jesus’ Name. Continue to ride on the sufficient Grace of God. Halleluyah!
Whatever I am finding difficult to do financially, I decree, my Father in heaven will grant me financial ideas bigger opportunities, the Lord will change your story for good, in Jesus’ Name
I decree into my family, today mark the end of that financial punishment, the grace to start something great as a family shall locate each and every member of my family, in Jesus Name!
I decree over my finance, God will open new doors of favour, new jobs, new positions in Jesus’ Name.
I decree over my business/career/job – debts will no longer dominate me in Jesus Name!
I decree over my children- stubbornness and desire to commit sin will no longer dominate their hearts, in Jesus Name!
I decree over my parents, poverty and sorrow will be far from them, in Jesus Name!
Testimonies shall flood our comments sections, our emails, sms and calls, go and do exploits!
I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus!
Remember to Pray for me the less privileges, orphans and destitutes around the world, the Lord will feed them today, in Jesus’ Name
And all shall be well with you, in Jesus name!
And at the end we shall not be cast away in Jesus Name!
Go ahead and celebrate God for this Declarations and prayers!
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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