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12 December 2019 Daily Declarations

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12 December 2019 Daily Declarations

This Thursday morning the presence of God will go with you and your household, in Jesus Name!
12 December 2019 Daily Declarations
12 December 2019 Daily Declarations
May His mercy speaks for you, in Jesus Name.
Let your Joy be Permanent in Jesus Name.
That positive turn around you desire is yours now, in Jesus Name.
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Your identity in Christ shall not be ridiculed, in Jesus Name.
Let that illness jump out of your body now, in Jesus Name!
Let that long time illness receive total healing now in Jesus Name.
That sick marriage has been healed completely, in Jesus Name.
That arrow that enters your life in dreamland jump out now, in Jesus Name!
I decree, favour unlimited will get to me today. Where I’ve been denied; God, is giving me breakthrough, in Jesus’ Name.
God is making things to work for me. Whatever that has been difficult, and closed before now, Receive grace to shine over them in Jesus’ Name.
I pray for you, God will satisfy you, your desires and expectations will be granted.
Hallelujah! You will shout, sing, and celebrate for the Joy of God’s doing in and over your life, family and business in Jesus’ Name.
God will grant you divine health, with long life He will satisfy you. Sickness is not permitted in you body.
Be heal of every disease, illness now. In Jesus Name.
God bless you and increase you in all ramifications. It’s you turn, and things will turn for you.
I command all your adversaries to enter their season of regret now in Jesus Name!
Over that contract go and testify, in Jesus Name
I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus!
I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of You in Jesus Name!
Go ahead and celebrate God for this declarations.
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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