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Open Heaven 2020

Open Heaven 2020
Our daddy, the writer of Open Heavens Daily Devotional December 2020 welcome you all to another great year. It’s a privilege to have you here, we are delighted to have you as one of us.
You’re at the right place, with a right mentor who is working together with a right God to lead you on a right path. I hope you enjoy your journey with open heaven all through 2020.

What is Open Heaven Daily Devotional?

Open Heaven is a daily devotional from the Redeemed Christian Church of God, written by the general overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.
The open heaven devotional is a divine gift to all mankind, regardless of who you are and your religious background.
Open Heaven 2020
Open Heaven 2020


2020 is here with 366 bright opportunities to explore God’s Holy book, the bible and discover God’s great presence in your career, business, family and life in general.
Open Heavens 2020 is calling on you to wake up from your deep spiritual sleep and face what’s ahead of you, because the journey is not for the feeble.
The Open Heaven July 2020 Daily Devotional Message will guide you through each and every day of the month, all that’s required of you, is to dedicate yourself in searching the scripture via the Open heaven for today and living in the reality of God’s words.
You need to spend time with your creator, He wants you to come more closer to Him in July 2020, which is why you need to acquaint yourself with Open Heaven For Today 2020.
It’s time for you to get started with God seriously. Your father, wants to show you His ways. He wants you to draw nearer to Him. Pastor E A Adeboye Open Heaven devotional book will help you achieve this in a very short time.

There are forces greater than you. These forces require greater heavenly forces to make them lose grip of their prey. The Open Heaven Devotional 2020 will expose you to God’s word and align your part unto righteousness.

How To Download Open Heaven 2020 App

The Open Heavens 2020 app will be more better than the previous years. For now, the app has not been put together by the developers. This platform will notify you once that’s done. is the online version, the app is the app version and the hard copy version which is already available at the Redeem Christian Church Of God Camp – Redemption Camp.
You can place your orders from anywhere by simply calling the number below.
The Mobile app will be release within January 2020 for all our users.  You will need to use your debit/credit cards for payment.
It’s a one time payment. Download open heaven 2020 app or open heavens 2020 mobile app once it is available here.
Most of our open heavens users have been asking if they can download open heaven 2020 pdf. Please, Open Heaven is not yet available on pdf version.
Open heavens devotional App 2020 will be useful, but the platform is also easily accessible anywhere in the world and it’s for free. Just in case you encounter issues with the App, it will be better you resort here.
How about activation pin for open heavens 2020?
Once the app is available, you can buy the pin from any Rccg outlets or you can call the number below for direction of where to get the activation pin. The redemption camp is where you can get the Pin readily.
rccg open heaven 2020 download is not yet available. Open heavens app 2020
Open heaven devotional 2020 You’ll have Open Heaven January 2020, Open Heaven February 2020, Open Heaven March 2020, Open Heaven April 2020, Open Heaven May 2020, Open Heaven June 2020, Open Heaven July 2020, Open Heaven August 2020, Open Heaven September 2020, Open Heaven October 2020, Open Heaven November 2020 and finally, Open Heaven December 2020 to go all throughout the year 2020
RCGG Open Heaven 2020
The rccg open heaven is greatly enriched with spiritual spices to make your day spiritually sound.
Our daddy, the current Rccg General Overseer picks a different topic each day followed with some powerful Bible verses and a bible reading to cover bible in a year. This also comes together with rccg open heavens hymn of the day.
Let’s give you a quick biography of the Open Heavens 2020 Daily Devotional Author
Enoch A Adeboye was born 2nd March 1942 in Ifewara, Osun State, Nigeria. He is the General Overseer of the of the Redeemed Christian Church of God
Went to Illesha Grammar school in Osun state, Nigeria.  His passion for Mathematics landed him into the University of Nsukka to study Mathematics.
He later got transferred to University of Ibadan due to the civil war. He successfully earned a Bachelor degree in Mathematics in 1967.
Brethren, there is no better time to embrace Christ than now! We are sure the open heavens daily devotional would assist you spiritually. Use it for your daily devotion at home.

How to use our website:

This platform is free. Our Open Heavens Team update the website regularly with the devotional. All that’s required of you is to simply log on to and read your devotional together with some open heaven prayer points 2020 and open heaven hymn 2020. You’ll also get the Rccg Fasting Prayer Points 2020 with some regular announcements.
Please, this platform is very easy to use. You can drop a comment easily beneath the devotional message of that day and you’ll be approved instantly, but do not spam the platform.
We advice all our readers to please save the website address for easy access. We serve the world with God’s word easily.
Remain bless!

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