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Open Heaven For Today: The Open Heaven Scripture and all about the Devotional

Open Heavens 13 February 2022; Open Heaven For Today: The Open Heaven Scripture and all about the Devotional 

Calvary welcome for the sake of our Lord Jesus.
Open Heaven For Today: The Open Heaven Scripture and all about the Devotional

You're energetically free to Open Heaven For Today Daily
Devotional December 2019 Webpage. This page is committed to the Author of the reverential and current overall General Superintendent of RCCG, Pastor E A Adeboye.

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We've chosen to distribute this page for the essential point of giving our dearest perusers a more extensive perspective on the open sky reverential, the creator life, service and declaration.

We likewise expect diving profound into Christian issues identifying with the rccg open sky reverential, it importance in our today society, in each devotee conceived of Christ and especially; how it would illuminate us and set us up to unquestionably go up against our consistently challenges.

How about we get to the quick and dirty of our subject of issue!

The Open Heaven is a devotional available both in hard copy, mobile app and online blog, Open Heaven Online. It covers 365 days everyday spiritual messages, bible verses, daily hymns and one year Bible reading to enable daily relationship with God.
As we’ve stated earlier, open heavens daily devotional blog is only here to update you with the E A Adeboye open heavens and that’s all.
The blog is always up to date don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In addition, don’t doubt the originality of the content, it’s same as the hard and app version. Nothing is altered.
The open heaven is greatly enriched with spiritual spices to make your day spiritually sound. The Author picks a difference topic every day followed with some backup Bible verses and open heavens hymn for today.

Open Heaven Scriptures

Do you know that the King is coming soon? Jesus is coming sooner than we expect to rapture with the saints. Just like the story of the Ten virgins, so many believers are already tired of waiting for the soon coming King and have stained their garment of righteousness.

Brethren, there is no better time to embrace Christ than now! We are sure the open heaven daily devotional would assist you spiritually. Use it for your daily devotion at home.
Use this scriptures to discover 366 opportunities in God through the devotional.
Enoch A Adeboye was born 2nd March 1942 in Ifewara, Osun State, Nigeria. He is the General Overseer of the of the Redeemed Christian Church of God

Went to Illesha Grammar school in Osun state, Nigeria.  His passion for Mathematics landed him into the University of Nsukka to study Mathematics. He later got transferred to University of Ibadan due to the civil war. He successfully earned a Bachelor degree in Mathematics in 1967.
He proceeded to the University of Lagos, where he earned a PHD and became a Lecturer with the University of Lagos.
In 1973, Pastor E A Adeboye officially joined RCCG.

The open heaven devotional is a divine gift from the Man of God to all races of the world.

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The Open Heaven for now Daily Devotional is a result of the Redeemed Christian Church of God with base camp situated at Ogun State, Nigeria. With nearness in more than 196 nations of the world, RCCG is by and by the number 9 Evangelical mega churches on the planet by Wikipedia kleinanzeigen

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  1. This is becoming messy please. Observation for admim...before now, you click devotional for the date it takes you straight to the devotional not discuss. But i have observed for some days now that it is not the devotional itself that the links carry you to but discuss. Please lets not do things that will make it easy for people not to get to do the daily readings by giving up when they are not taken straight to the devotional. God bless those working daily on the devotional and prayers and declarations 🙏🙏

    1. Hello Sister, thank you for your kind observations, currently all links takes you to the actual devotional messages, of that day, perhaps it was a mistake, which as been corrected.

      God bless you and thank you!!

    2. NO it does not work. It still ha snot been corrected. The links do not work. One link takes you to the 24th December 2019. The other link some place else. Could you sort this.

  2. The links do not work. One link takes you to the 24th December 2019. The other link some place else. Could you sort this.

    1. Hello Milia, Thanks for your observation, I am currently trying to search for the link that is not working, and I can find any, kindly post the link here let us make a correction, by way of copy and paste, once again, thanks and God bless you.


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