Prayer Points on Today's Open Heavens 8 December 2019

           Prayer Points on Today's Open Heavens 8 December 2019

1.       Lord please forgive us for our doubt and unbelief and anything else that keeps us away from your presence.
Prayer Points on Today's Open Heavens 8 December 2019
Prayer Points on Today's Open Heavens 8 December 2019
2.      Lord help us to repent of our double mindedness. Help us to understand how to commit to you
3.      Forgive us for knowing you are The Source and yet not plugging ourselves in to you. Forgive us for seeking help, power, hope and strength from people and things instead of you.
4.     Father, help us to grow in our faith. Help us to study the Word and to know you so we can grow in our confidence of who you are
5.      Father many things interfere with our connection to you. Help us to be focused and not distracted.
6.     Father fix our hearts on you. Offence, grudges, envy, doubt, worldly desires and fear dilute the truth of who you are, father help us overcome them.
7.      A vine grows from a tree, it does not just appear overnight. Father, to abide in you is to grow and mature spiritually. Nurture my spirit and soul with your word. Help me to enjoy fellowshipping with The Spirit, to prayer constantly, and to live a lifestyle of praise and worship as I can abide in your presence.
8.      Father being part of the vine is not always rosy. There are moments of pruning helps us to accept your love and training as we grow and mature

Open Heaven for Today 8 December 2019: [Sunday] – The Fruitful Branch

9.     As a part of the body of Christ, I am all ready in good soil, Lord help me to flourish, to thrive and to bear fruit in all areas of my life. Prune all the relationships and things in my life that are hindering me from abiding in you. Lord, help me to heal from this pruning process so I can come out stronger and not wounded, or as victim.
10.  Lord I admit that without You as my source I have no power, Lord empower me today. I don’t want a temporary boost of power, or  a visitation I want you to dwell in me, to abide in me,  to remain in my life be my source every minute of every day. Keep me plugged in to you as my source.
11.    Let me bear good fruit!  No branch can bear good fruit by itself… Keep me connected to you so that I’m productive and fruitful, so that all the fruits of the spirit are multiplying in my life joy, peace, kindness. Lord let the gifts of the spirit in me bear good fruit in the lives of others.
12.   Father, I thank you because you have not given up on me…
13.   Thank you for the seeds you’ve sown in my life, because you’re calling forth life and fruit out of me.
14.  Lord I surrender all of this to you in Jesus name and ask that you remain in charge of my life.
15.   Thank you Father for answered prayers.

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