28 January 2020 Daily Declarations

28 January 2020 Daily Declarations READ – OPEN HEAVEN 28 JANUARY 2020

This Tuesday, the presence of the Almighty will go with you and your entire household: both far and near all through the day, in Jesus’ Name!
28 January 2020 Daily Declarations 3
28 January 2020 Daily Declarations

May the blessings of this day make your life much comfortable and keep you and your family at safe and in peace, in Jesus Name!
Lord over every nation put an end to the spread of corona-virus, heal as any affected, and bring solution to every case in Jesus name
I decree into this day I will account for success and greatness in all my expectations
I decree I will not encounter any limitations because Christ has gone ahead of me
I cancel every unwanted news that might be hanging in darkness in and around me
I decree whatever I lay my hands on prospers nothing limits or stops my prosperity physically or spiritually
I decree the promises of God concerning my household and I is coming to manifestation
I rebuke every form of generational disease over me and my household, in Jesus Name
I decree, all my Children shall be for signs and wonders in Jesus Name!
For everyone trusting God for a job, this is your week! Go and Testify, in Jesus Name!
I speak into that marital storm, let there be positive testimonies from that storm, in Jesus Name!
Every interview scheduled for this week shall be testimony in return, in Jesus Name
I command those impossibilities of mine to overturn now to possibilities, in Jesus Name
I command that sickness to leave your body now in Jesus Name!
I cover all homes on this platform with the blood of Jesus!
I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of you on this platform, in Jesus Name!
Go ahead and celebrate God for this declarations
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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