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10 February 2020 Daily Declarations

10 February 2020 Daily Declarations


This MONDAY, the presence of God will be with you and your entire household: both far and near all through the day, in Jesus’ Name!
10 February 2020 Daily Declarations 2
10 February 2020 Daily Declarations

I declare, I am the vessel of the Most High, I am set apart for greater works, in Jesus’ Name
I declare, my life is filled daily with divine abilities and Joy from the inside, in Jesus’ Name
I declare, my existence is by His grace, He fills me daily with new songs of Joy. Hallelujah!
I decree according to the word of God nothing will hurt me or keep me under any bondage against His will
I cancel every journey that is unpleasantly causing disruption over my destiny and I decree henceforth I have divine direction
I decree no weapon formed against me or my household will prosper and all tongues that rise against us in judgment is destroyed
I terminate every joy killer nuturing my glory with disgust in Jesus name
I decree my life is en-capsuled with divine favour and ability in Jesus name
I uproot every destroying power of the devil, working non stop over my family, community and nation

I decree I am a success and the word works for me and through me forever

I decree by the power in the word of God and His blood an end come to every disease with known or unknown cause causing untimely death and soul perishing in Jesus name

The glory of God is in my life because I am inscribed in His palm, in Jesus’ Name

I decree, the Joy of having Jesus in my life will always give me hope in situations where everyone has given up, in Jesus’ Name

I decree, The Joy of the Lord will continue to envelope my race in life and nothing will stop me from becoming all I need to be, in Jesus’ Name

I decree, no evil will befall me or any member of my household, in Jesus’ Name

I declare, I will continue to experience God’s unmerited favour and supernatural coverage upon all that belongs to me, in Jesus’ Name

I decree over my life and that of other believers on this platform, no sickness will have a stand in our lives, in Jesus name

I command those impossibilities of mine to overturn now to possibilities, in Jesus Name

I command that sickness to leave your body now in Jesus Name!

I cover all homes on this platform with the blood of Jesus!
I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of you on this platform, in Jesus Name!
Go ahead and celebrate God for this declarations
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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