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12 February 2020 Daily Declarations

12 February 2020 Daily Declarations

This Wednesday, the presence of God will be with you and your entire household: both far and near all through the day, in Jesus’ Name!
12 February 2020 Daily Declarations
12 February 2020 Daily Declarations 

I decree, the protection of God is permanent over me and my household now and forever, in Jesus’ Name
I decree, no sound of mourning will be heard from my abode, in Jesus’ Name
I decree, the mercy of God continually uphold me in every situation so I will not faint, in Jesus name
I decree, death has no dominion or power over me therefore my life is untouchable for any spirit of death this year, in Jesus’ Name
I decree and declare, that the everlasting joy of the Lord, is my portion and strength, in Jesus’ name.
I decree, The presence of God fills my being daily because my body is His temple. My life is filled with sounds of joy, abundance and grace, Jesus’ Name
I decree, my destiny is hidden in God’s glory so it can never be truncated by works or workers of darkness, in Jesus’ Name
I decree my heaven is always opened, so every long awaited breakthrough are coming to manifestation now, in Jesus’ name
I decree the power of God hides me and my household in safe haven against the attackers from kingdom of darkness, in Jesus’ Name
I decree over my nation that all activity against the will of God for this nation comes to an end, in Jesus name
I pray for as many in need in anyway that today help that is divine will locate them
Beloved, Intercede for many going through any medical procedure, either transplant of any organ that they will be divinely restored in Jesus’ Name
I decree over my life and that of other believers on this platform, no sickness will have a stand in our lives, in Jesus name
I command those impossibilities of mine to overturn now to possibilities, in Jesus Name
I command that sickness to leave your body now in Jesus Name!
I cover all homes on this platform with the blood of Jesus!
I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of you on this platform, in Jesus Name!
Go ahead and celebrate God for this declarations
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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