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9 February 2020 Daily Declarations

9 February 2020 Daily Declarations CLICK HERE to READ – OPEN HEAVEN 9 FEBRUARY 2020

This Sunday, the presence of God will go with you and your entire household: both far and near all through the day, in Jesus’ Name!
9 February 2020 Daily Declarations 3
9 February 2020 Daily Declarations

I decree concerning this nation (mention) that the protection of God is mighty upon us, in Jesus name

I decree concerning corona-virus an end has come to it, in Jesus mighty name.

I declare a legacy of Faith over my finance, business, job, family and my spirituality, in Jesus’ Name

I declare that God will accelerate His plans for my life as I put my TRUST in Him, in Jesus’ Name

I declare that I have sufficient grace for today, all my needs are meant this moment, in Jesus’ Name

I declare that all is well with me and my household. Our faith in God will not fade away, in Jesus’ Name

I declare Your everlasting kindness and unending love will not cease in my family, I Trust in You Jesus!

I decree, nothing will shake my Faith in Christ, I overcome all the challenges of this day in the name of Jesus!

I decree, the devil will not steal my Faith in Christ! I resist fear, disbelieve and doubt in my life, in Jesus’ Name

I declare, I will continue to experience God’s unmerited favour and supernatural coverage upon all that belongs to me, in Jesus’ Name

I decree over my life and that of other believers on this platform, no sickness will have a stand in our lives, in Jesus name
I command those impossibilities of mine to overturn now to possibilities, in Jesus Name

I command that sickness to leave your body now in Jesus Name!

I cover all homes on this platform with the blood of Jesus!

I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of you on this platform, in Jesus Name!

Go ahead and celebrate God for this declarations
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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