BIBLE TEXT: Genesis 26:1-35
[1]And there was a famine in the land, beside the first famine that was in the days of Abraham. And Isaac went unto Abimelech king of the Philistines unto Gerar.
[2]And the LORD appeared unto him, and said, Go not down into Egypt; dwell in the land which I shall tell thee of:
[3]Sojourn in this land, and I will be with thee, and will bless thee; for unto thee, and unto thy seed, I will give all these countries, and I will perform the oath which I sware unto Abraham thy father;[4]And I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed;
[5]Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statutes, and my laws.
[6]And Isaac dwelt in Gerar:
[7]And the men of the place asked him of his wife; and he said, She is my sister: for he feared to say, She is my wife; lest, said he, the men of the place should kill me for Rebekah; because she was fair to look upon.
[8]And it came to pass, when he had been there a long time, that Abimelech king of the Philistines looked out at a window, and saw, and, behold, Isaac was sporting with Rebekah his wife.
[9]And Abimelech called Isaac, and said, Behold, of a surety she is thy wife: and how saidst thou, She is my sister? And Isaac said unto him, Because I said, Lest I die for her.
[10]And Abimelech said, What is this thou hast done unto us? one of the people might lightly have lien with thy wife, and thou shouldest have brought guiltiness upon us.
[11]And Abimelech charged all his people, saying, He that toucheth this man or his wife shall surely be put to death.
[12]Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him.
[13]And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great:
[14]For he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him.
[15]For all the wells which his father's servants had digged in the days of Abraham his father, the Philistines had stopped them, and filled them with earth.
[16]And Abimelech said unto Isaac, Go from us; for thou art much mightier than we.
[17]And Isaac departed thence, and pitched his tent in the valley of Gerar, and dwelt there.
[18]And Isaac digged again the wells of water, which they had digged in the days of Abraham his father; for the Philistines had stopped them after the death of Abraham: and he called their names after the names by which his father had called them.
[19]And Isaac's servants digged in the valley, and found there a well of springing water.
[20]And the herdmen of Gerar did strive with Isaac's herdmen, saying, The water is ours: and he called the name of the well Esek; because they strove with him.
[21]And they digged another well, and strove for that also: and he called the name of it Sitnah.
[22]And he removed from thence, and digged another well; and for that they strove not: and he called the name of it Rehoboth; and he said, For now the LORD hath made room for us, and we shall be fruitful in the land.
[23]And he went up from thence to Beersheba.
[24]And the LORD appeared unto him the same night, and said, I am the God of Abraham thy father: fear not, for I am with thee, and will bless thee, and multiply thy seed for my servant Abraham's sake.
[25]And he builded an altar there, and called upon the name of the LORD, and pitched his tent there: and there Isaac's servants digged a well.
[26]Then Abimelech went to him from Gerar, and Ahuzzath one of his friends, and Phichol the chief captain of his army.
[27]And Isaac said unto them, Wherefore come ye to me, seeing ye hate me, and have sent me away from you?
[28]And they said, We saw certainly that the LORD was with thee: and we said, Let there be now an oath betwixt us, even betwixt us and thee, and let us make a covenant with thee;
[29]That thou wilt do us no hurt, as we have not touched thee, and as we have done unto thee nothing but good, and have sent thee away in peace: thou art now the blessed of the LORD.
[30]And he made them a feast, and they did eat and drink.
[31]And they rose up betimes in the morning, and sware one to another: and Isaac sent them away, and they departed from him in peace.
[32]And it came to pass the same day, that Isaac's servants came, and told him concerning the well which they had digged, and said unto him, We have found water.
[33]And he called it Shebah: therefore the name of the city is Beersheba unto this day.
[34]And Esau was forty years old when he took to wife Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hittite, and Bashemath the daughter of Elon the Hittite:
[35]Which were a grief of mind unto Isaac and to Rebekah.

*Proverbs 12:11*
[11]He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.
*Proverbs 22:29*
[29]Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.
*MEMORY VERSE: Proverbs 12:11*
He that tilleth his land shall be satisfied with bread: but he that followeth vain persons is void of understanding.
*LESSON AIM*: To teach them that hard work pays
*CENTRAL TRUTH*: God rewards hard work
Today's world is full of fast life; people want shortcuts to everything. No one is willing to work hard. Many want to do little and earn a lot. We live in a culture of ease and all of us are more accustomed to getting everything more quickly with less effort.
Even in the church we pray, 'Lord let me work like an ant and eat like an elephant'. The prayer is good, but the truth is there is no wage without work. Prov. 12:11 says "Those who work their land will have more abundant food, but those who chase fantasies have no sense". What is hard work? What makes a work hard? Why does hard work pay, why doesn't less work pay?
A. Let us use Isaac as case study and answer the following questions from Gen. 26
1. According to verse 1, what happened in the land?
2. What is famine? What type of famine are you experiencing in your family or country at the moment?
3. What was the first step Isaac took? Verse 2
4. Why is our location important? Verse 3
5. Did Isaac have a job? What was his job?
6. How many times did he dig wells? Verse 19-22
Hard work requires time, energy, diligence, consistency, resilience, faith, committment etc.
B. Identify the benefits of hard work from the following scriptures
1. Gen. 26:12-14 ..............................
2. Prov. 10:4 ..............................
3. Prov. 12:24 ..............................
4. Prov. 14:23 ..............................
5. Prov. 28:19-20 ...............................
*DISCUSSION*: HARD is one word that teenagers do not like to hear, why is this so? Discuss
*INVITATION/APPLICATION*: Shortcuts usually seem like a good idea, but unfortunately, they don't always work out. In our Christian lived, they can be even more dangerous.
*CONCLUSION*: The life of Ruth in the book of Ruth is a very good biblical example of how hard work pays. Ruth eventually became a mother in the lineage of Jesus Christ, so moly because she was hard working. When you work hard to fulfill your desire, it bring fulfillment in life. A lazy person can never be happy with himself because he will always be poor. If you want to be happy in life and be fulfilled, be hard working. Burn the midnight candle to achieve your purpose in life.
*SUNDAY*: 2 Corinthians 8:1-10 - Excel in Giving
*MONDAY*: Romans 12:9-21 - Behave like a Christian
*TUESDAY*: Romans 15:1-5 - Bear Others Burden
*WEDNESDAY*: John 12:42-50 - Walk in the Light
*THURSDAY*: Luke 11:9-13 - Keep Asking
*FRIDAY*: Romans 15:7-13 - Glorify God
*SATURDAY*: Matthew 2:13-23 - The Journey of Jesus' Birth

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