In this month of October 2020, may His daily mercy never elude you, in Jesus Name!
It’s a new month, go and receive new testimonies, in Jesus Name!

May you never know better last month, but grow higher in this new month of October, in Jesus Name
Go and receive new strength for this new month, in Jesus Name
I command every form of infirmities to loose its grip upon you and all your household in this month of October, in Jesus Name
Where you have been rejected last month, go back there this new month and reign, in Jesus Name!
That interview you have been scheduled for, go and receive your congratulations message in Jesus Name!
May His mercy speaks for you, in Jesus Name!
Lord, for all users of this platform, let it please You to protect them, enlarge them and make them better for their benefit and for the body of Christ, in Jesus Name!
I decree into the lives of my children as they resume to school, they shall be called SUCCESS in Jesus Name!
Lord increase the fire of your love in me so that when I do your biddings I will not be seeking for the approval of men in Jesus name
Abba remove every reluctance out of my life that makes me ommmit the important things of the kingdom of God in Jesus name
Lord as you use me, let me constantly let go of the corruptible attributes of this world and flesh and embrace the incorruptible in Jesus name
Lord increase the zeal to do your will inside of me each day and never let me get tired of it in Jesus name
I decree my life will never be subjected to the frustration of life in any way in Jesus name
I decree my dream will not die suddenly I will live to fulfill purpose in Jesus name
I decree my life will always exhibit divine joy of God in all that I do in Jesus name
I decree as I have rejoiced at the end of this month the new month, my testimonies will be surrounded with sounds of joy in Jesus name
I Pray for all OHD intercessors on this platform, you shall not be weak this month, continue to grow in grace and you will not regret paying this sacrifice, in Jesus Name!
I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus!
I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of you, in Jesus Name!
All shall be well with you in Jesus name!
Go ahead and Celebrate God for this Declarations.
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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