Prayer Points On Open Heavens 10 March 2021 – Beware Of False Prophets II

Prayer Points On Open Heavens 10 March 2021 – Beware Of False Prophets II

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Open Heaven 2021 Prayer Points for March 10th:

1.Thank You, Father, for not giving me the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. – Click HERE for Open Heaven 10 March 2021

2.Father, in anyway I have fallen short of your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me, in Jesus name.

Prayer Points On Open Heavens 10 March 2021 – Beware Of False Prophets II

3.Father, give me the spirit of discernment that will enable me identify and know, which spirit operates in anyone ministering on Your divine altar, in Jesus name.

4.Father, let me never fall victim of false prophets; no matter how hard they may try to hide, expose and disgrace them, in Jesus name.

5.Father, let every mark of a false prophet in my life be destroyed by the blood of Jesus, and, let every plant You have not planted in my life, be uprooted, in Jesus name.



6.I render null and void, and of no effect, every weapon of fear fashioned against me, from the pit of hell, in Jesus name.

7.Father, set free today, every true and genuine seeker of Yours, who has fallen victim of these wolves in sheep’s skin, in Your Church, in Jesus name.

8.I decree and declare, that, I shall not fall prey of the devices of false prophets; and will never be their victim, in Jesus name.

9.Father, uphold me by Your right hand of righteousness, till the end; please, let me finish well and strong, in Jesus name.

10.Father, bless your son, Pastor E.A.Adeboye; and, renew his strength, anointing and grace, daily, in Jesus name.

11.Father, bless Your son, that You have been using to prepare these prayer points, beyond measures, and all those who have been rebroadcasting them, in Jesus name.

12.Father, let every challenge, hindrance and obstacle of getting these prayer points across to Your children, timely, and on daily basis be removed, in Jesus name.

13.Your Personal petitions. (Philippians 4:6)

14.In Jesus name I pray. (John 14:13-14; 15:16)

15.Thank you Father for answered prayers. (1 Thessalonians 5:18).


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