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Prayer Points On Open Heavens 15 January 2022 – The God of Wonders

Prayer Points On Open Heavens 15 January 2022 – The God of Wonders

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God of wonders, I praise you today. I enter into your gates with thanksgiving and your courts with praises. Click HERE to Read Open Heaven 15 January 2022

You are God of wonders. You do amazing things. I stand in awe O you today.

Thank You Father for all the awesome things you have done in time past and continue to do even in my life.


Thank you God of wonders because you are alive to deal with my situation and give me pleasant wonders as I journey through the year 2022. I praise you Lord.


Lord, I humbly seek Your mercy for the times when I kept your grace aside and did as I chose. Thank You for not leaving me in my errors.


Forgive me Lord for every time I have been small minded and trivialized your majesty and sovereignty.


My Lord and Savior hold my hands this year and teach me Your way. I choose to follow in Jesus name.


My Lord and Master I ask that You make me a fisher of men, not for fame or wordly pleasures, but for Your harvest.


Lord Jesus I ask You this morning that You grant me the boldness and wisdom to dispense Your gospel to the souls of men in the name of Jesus!


Holy Spirit I pray that You stir up in my bones a fire that will drive me into the place of prayer. I refuse to be a prayerless Christian.


My Lord and King, make me a vessel unto honour, fit for Your use and Your use alone.


Precious Jesus I ask that You speak to me out of the many voices that surround me and speak Your word into my ears.


Oh God of wonders, show your mighty hands in my life and deal with (mention the situation). Give me pleasant wonders as I journey through the year 2022.


Dear God, I thank You for the life of Your servant Pastor E.A Adeboye. You alone can do the things You do through him. I pray that You strengthen him even as he goes about his Father’s business and give him more access to the depths of Your Spirit.


Dear God You know every heart that is poured out to the work on this platform ( Lord bless them and increase to higher levels of grace and power.


Dear God for everyone that visits this platform even to pray along, answer their prayers according to Your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Amen.


Ask for whatever you need and believe that in the name of Jesus, it will be done. (John 14:13-14)


 Thank You Father for answering my prayers; for in Christ all Your promises are yes and amen. In JESUS name I pray. Amen




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