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Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled - Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional December-17-2023

Joyce Meyer (December-17-2023) Daily Devotional: Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled. 

We often pray for peace. 

But according to today’s scripture, we already have Jesus’ peace. 

He gave us that peace before He departed this world. 

However, we must hold on to it by staying in peace and not being anxious, worried, troubled, or afraid.

Don’t Let Your Heart Be Troubled - Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional (December-17-2023)

You might think that you cannot control how you feel, but I’ve found that if Jesus tells us not to do something, there is a way not to do it. 

For me, identifying the things that cause me to lose my peace and avoiding them has greatly increased my peace. 

For instance, if I’m too rushed, I end up frustrated. 

Or, if I get involved in something that is none of my business, it usually causes strife and problems I could have avoided.

Fear is one of the biggest problems people have today, because the world has become a dangerous place. 

However, believers in Christ do not need to fear because we have the privilege of trusting Him to take care of us. 

This does not mean that we can always avoid trouble, but even if something unpleasant does happen, God has promised to bring good out of it (see Romans 8:28). 

Hold on to your peace today and every day, and don’t let your heart be troubled.

Prayer of the Day: Father, I am thankful that You have given me Your peace, and I ask You to help me hold on to it and not be anxious, fearful, or troubled. Thank You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Written By Joyce Meyer

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