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SIGNS AND SYMBOLS - Friday August 22nd 2014

Memorise: And in the morning, it will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times? Matthew 16:3

Read: Matthew 16:1-3; Bible in one year: Luke 14:25-17:10; Job 27:1-12
Signs and symbols are signals to important events in life. Signs usually have their origin in the spirit realm. Some signs manifest physically while some can only be viewed with spiritual eyes. Those with the ability to read the signs of the times have been in existence for thousands of years. The star-gazers from the east were able to correctly identify the star of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, scientists have developed advanced technology for more accurate prediction of weather patterns. Major world events are regularly being transmitted via dedicated spiritual broadcast stations, but only those with active decoders are able to receive such privileged broadcasts.

It takes the spiritually sensitive person to determine spiritual signs that are not apparent to the physical eyes. It is important to be able to discern the time of your favour or else you may miss it completely. It is the work of the Holy Spirit to point your attention to the signs signalling your time of favour. He is mandated by God to share secrets of things to come with us (John 16:13). The Holy Spirit can use any available means to communicate signs to you. It could be through dreams, open visions, or God’s audible voice. He could speak through a prophet in a programme, or He could send one to you directly. God has a thousand and one ways that He could use to inform you of happenings in spiritual realm. What is important is whether you know how to cultivate your relationship with the Holy Spirit. If you do, no event will take you unawares.

However, it is important to note that Satan and his cohorts easily identify the time of one’s favour and move at such times to provoke the proposed recipient to take steps capable of triggering a loss. These are people who have determined not to compromise with sin, but when their time of favour comes, they would suddenly observe that they are under intense demonic pressure to sin. It is at such times the devil reawakens their old appetite for sin. Satan uses this strategy a lot to debar Christians from receiving their blessings. Therefore be wise, watch and pray. Whenever you come under intense pressure to sin, your time of favour could just be around the corner. Do everything you can to keep your relationship with God intact. Most importantly, cultivate your friendship with the Holy Ghost. Open your spiritual eyes; be sensitive to the signs of the times and you will never be caught napping.

Prayer Point

Holy Spirit, reveal yourself to me more than ever before in Jesus’ name.

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