Open Heaven 18 December 2018 Prayer Points on Today – When the devil strikes

 Open Heaven 18 December 2018 Prayer Points on Today When the devil strikes

Open Heavens 18 December 2018

1.Thank You, Father, for the salvation of my soul, which signaled the beginning of my spiritual journey and growth, in You.

2.Thank You, Father, for all the spiritual gifts You have endowed me with, in order to enable me grow in You.

3.Father, in anyway I have fallen short of your glory, please, have mercy and forgive me, in Jesus’ name.
4.Father, empower me to preach the word, in season, out of season; to reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with long-suffering and with doctrine, in Jesus’ name.
5.Father, help me to identify my ministry gift and calling, and let me abide and grow in it, in Jesus’ name. 
6.Father, empower me to preach Your undiluted, un- adulterated and balanced word, as against motivational talks of today, which do not guarantee spiritual growth, in Jesus’ name.
7.Father, give me the grace to always desire the sincere milk of Your word, that I may grow thereby, in Jesus’ name.

Open Heaven 18 December 2018: [Tuesday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye –When the devil strikes

8.Father, please, help me to grow in grace, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Your son, Jesus’ Christ.
9.Father, please, help me to live through today, without committing a single sin, in Jesus’ name.
10.Father, let Your son, Pastor E.A. Adeboye, continue to grow in grace, anointing and in Your wisdom , in Jesus’ name.
11.Father, bless Your son, that You have been using to prepare these prayer points, beyond measures; help him to overcome every challenge of getting these prayer points across to Your children timely, on daily basis, in Jesus’ name.
12.Your Personal petitions.
( Philippians 4:6)

13.In Jesus’ name I pray.
(John 14:13-14; 15:16)

14.Thank you Father for answered prayers.
(1 Thessalonians 5:18).

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