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Open Heaven 6 June 2019 Prayer Points on Today – Bed Undefiled

Open Heaven 6 June 2019 Prayer Points on Today Bed Undefiled

(Open Heaven 6 June 2019)

1.    Father we pray for victims of sexual and physical abuse. Heal them Lord. Take away the scars and bitterness that have been left by these experiences. May they not be carried into their marriages and relationships.

2.    Lord we pray for parents and guardians. Give them wisdom to raise strong men and women.
Open Heavens

3.    Lord raise strong marriages among us, marriages that the next generation can look up to and aspire to.
4.    Father we pray that you would raise mentors for our young generation, to show them the way.
5.    Lord we pray for broken parents and guardians to have the wisdom to not pass down their own hurt and insecurity to the next generation. Heal them father, as they raise these children.

6.    We pray for children being raised in undesirable situations to be rescued. Make a way for the dear Lord.
7.    Open our eyes to situations where you can use us to be part of the solution. In Jesus’ name.
8.    Give us boldness to walk in your will, and show as well as encourage others how to do the same.
  1. Father, let the hearts of the wives be consumed with love and passion for their husbands. May husbands be equally consumed with love and passion for their wives.

 Open Heaven 6 June 2019: [Thursday] Daily Devotional By Pastor E.A Adeboye – Bed Undefiled

  1. We speak your love into marriages in their formative stages. We speak direction and wisdom into relationships and courtships as they build towards marriage.
  2. Dear Lord, may our desires for marriage be noble.
  3. Protect us from negative relationships, and protect others from us, where we may be their detractors.
  4. May our shared desires and vision bring us together in Christ and through him.
  5. Lord teach us to love like you do.
  6. May our love be seen in our actions and heard in our words of affirmation to our loved ones.
  7. Lord, you have brought couples together. We pray that you would keep them together.
  8. Cast away any person that would like to separate marriages.
  9. Any wedges that seek to separate men and women you brought together, let it be removed in Jesus’ name.
  10. No man or woman will separate us! We speak strength in marriages in Jesus’ name.

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