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This morning the presence of God will go with you and your household, in Jesus Name!
I decree I am not a sacrificial offering at an evil altar neither is any of my family in Jesus name
I decree every power that wants to dim the lights of the gospel in my life, family and nation is rendered useless in Jesus name
I decree my children are born great to do great things and they will never be useless in Jesus name
I decree my life is not an haven for shame or disgrace but courage and success in all aspects in Jesus name
I decree every long awaited blessings are locating me henceforth in Jesus name
I decree the stripes of the king of kings has set me free from all sicknesses and diseases spiritually or physically in Jesus name
I decree my days are filled with the glory of God, everywhere I go the hands of God is making room for me supernaturally in Jesus name
I decree concerning my children, they will grow in God’s favour and anointing, in Jesus’ Name
I decree and declare no physical or spiritual weapon will hurt my children, in Jesus’ Name.
May His divine boldness be release unto you now in Jesus
Let those elements of fear of unknown catches fire now in Jesus Name!
That limitations that entered your life due to fear, may they disappear now in Jesus Name!
I redeem your soul back from they dungeon of fears in Jesus Name
Let those positive responses you are expecting begins from now in Jesus Name!
I decree the boldness I need to confront battles wagging at me to locate me now in Jesus Name!
Because you are here this morning, heavens take you out in Jesus Name!
I decree financial breakthrough over all homes on this platform this very moment, in Jesus Name!
I terminate every appointment of premature death over anyone around me; my family, my circle, my church and all our children, this morning in Jesus Name!
I Pray for all OHD intercessors and their children on this platform, may you not regret paying this sacrifice, in Jesus Name!
I cover all homes with the blood of Jesus!
I will not have cause to mourn over anyone of you, in Jesus Name!
Remember to pray for Christian children around the world, in Jesus’ Name.
Any force that wants to stand against this morning declarations, may the wrath of God locate their camps in Jesus Name!
And all shall be well with you, in Jesus name!
And at the end we shall not be cast away in Jesus Name!
Go ahead and celebrate God for this declarations.
We return all Glory to you Alone.
God bless You!

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