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Living to Give - Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional December-26-2023

Joyce Meyer (December-26-2023) Daily Devotional: Living to Give.

It can be a healthy exercise to ask ourselves, What am I doing to help someone else? Can you think of the last person you helped?

Of course, we usually help our families during our daily activities, or we give gifts at Christmas, but I’m talking about something beyond that. I’m talking about living to give. 

A joyous and meaningful life is not found in what we get but in what we give.

Living to Give - Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional December-26-2023

How many people do we know who need help, and yet we have not even considered being the one to help them? When we start asking these difficult questions, we can find our answers disappointing. 

However, we can always get reappointed and begin doing the right thing.

I want to encourage you to purposely help people in need. Look for them and find some way to help.

Prayer of the Day: Lord, I want to be a person who lives to give. Prompt me to seek opportunities to help and lift others up in Your name, and I pray my actions reflect Your love and Your awesome kindness, amen.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer - is a popular Christian preacher, minister, Bible teacher and author of about God, Bible and Christianity.

Joyce Meyer was born in 1943 in St. Louis in the USA. The early years of Joyce Meyer's life were very dramatic:

according to her, she was subject of sexual violence from her father;

divorce with the first husband (they were married for 5 years) because of her husband's treason;

breast cancer in later years.

After a while (in 1967), Joyce married Dave Meyer for the second time, an engineer of drawings. They have 4 adult children.

Ministries of Joyce Meyer

The early Joyce Meyers Ministries began in 1976 - she was a Bible teacher. First, Joyce began preaching the Bible in a local cafeteria, later in a local Lutheran church. In the eighties she became a pastor's assistant. After several years, the church became very popular in many ways thanks to the Joyce Meyers service. At the same time, Joyce began to speak on the radio - local radio station allocated 15 minutes for her service.

The breast cancer experienced by Joyce Meyer became the subject of the book Look Great, Feel Great: 12 Keys to Enjoying a Healthy Life Now. In which she set out her experience of victory over the disease.

In the mid-eighties, Joyce Meyer left her former ministry and founded her own church, which in the beginning was called "Life in the Word". Her ministry was broadcasted on six radio stations. In the 93rd, she held her service on television in a studio in Chicago for the first time. Over time, the television Joyce Meyers Ministries became very popular and reached several million viewers. According to the Time magazine, Joyce Meyer was one of the most influential Evangelicals in the United States.

At the moment, Joyce Meyers Ministries covers more than 30 countries. The central office employs more than 600 people, in the regional - more than 300 people.

Service the Hand of Hope

The ministry of the Hand of Hope is an important part of the world Joyce Meyer Ministries – its goal is to validate the truth of God's gospel with real affairs. The geography of the ministry is the whole world, the objects of service are the suffering and poor.

Joyce Meyers personal experience

Life and personal experience have become a kind of visiting card of the Joyce Meyers Ministry. For more than fifty years, she has been bringing God's gospel to the people, reinforcing the sermons with her life experience.

Criticism of the Joyce Meyers Ministries

Although Joyce Meyers Ministries is very successful and versatile, it is worth paying attention to the critical moments of the ministry:

It is often criticized for living an excessive lifestyle: large amount of real estate, major savings, a huge fleet of vehicles, own aircraft - according to numerous critics it contradicts the basic idea of ​​Christian doctrine;

There is also frequent criticism of a one-sided ministry of success and prosperity.

Local magazines conducted their own independent investigation, which revealed a large number of private real estate owned by Joyce Meyer. After the locus of service and development investigation, US Congress Committee on Finance interested in Joyce Meyers, which, as a result of the investigation, found no violation of the law.


The ministry of Joyce Meyer has a great influence in the modern Christian world, thanks to her ministry, millions of people have heard the Gospel, but one shouldn’t forget about criticism that can be fully justified.

Whatever it was, listening to sermons, weigh everything on the scales of the Bible and draw conclusions!

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